UK: India Partnership

The ROAR Challenge is an extra-curricular programme offering structured workshops, direct links with businesses and an international aspect that stimulates students to apply their skills through global citizenship.

Through the ROAR Challenge, students will harness their ability to foster social change through a partnership with Indian students in West Bengal, enrolled on RISE’s Yearn To Learn literacy programme. Students create and run social enterprises, with the profits they make used to raise literacy levels in students they directly connect with in India.

This programme allows students to gain skills for life, enabling them to pursue their developed sense of purpose. They will also be a part of a growing network of like-minded young people, overcoming societal barriers which will increase self-confidence and broaden their horizons.

The ROAR Challenge assists young people as they discover their potential as agents of social change so that they not only develop skills and adopt higher aspirations for themselves, but do so by empathising with and empowering their peers in another country.

Yearn To Learn seeks to restore the true spirit of education by enabling young people to overcome societal and self-imposed limitations. It seeks to reduce school drop-out rates in rural India through a sustainable supplementary literacy programme. RISE developed the Yearn To Learn Bengali literacy intervention programme in Krishnanagar, West Bengal, for students identified as being over 5 years behind their reading age and most at risk of dropping out of school. Our vision is to see every child in rural India as literate.